Our values







Our Company

We are in charge of representing and distributing prestigious brands  and their products within their area of influence, seeking to expand  markets in which they operate.


Our main objective is to grow with recognized brands and innovative  products, providing excellence in service within strong, profitable  and emerging markets in the region.


We aim to provide profitability throughout the sales chain, working  to generate the best cost-benefit ratio in each business plan.


We seek to be the option chosen by our clients and brands  represented, and maintain commercial leadership in the sectors and  countries where we are present.

Our main goal is to establish ourselves as the most efficient and  professional distribution network in the region and build solid  alliances for the distribution of internationally world leading brands.

our tasks

Obstacle analysis for market penetration

Administration of bureaucratic import procedures

Registration of products in each country we work in

Tax management and advice

Our Team


The company counts with great experience in the management and business administration well suited to fit the smooth operation of our service. We count with international management.


Our logistics team is efficient, fast, agile and reliable. We ensure  efficiency when faced with bureaucratic processes of importation,  handling and tracking of loads and meeting deadlines.

Market Analysis

Experts in market analysis, based on large database and long  experience in the region. This important sector of our company  assures us a sensitive market analysis and provides the necessary strategies for the penetration of new products and brands in each  sector of the countries where we work with.

Sales team

Our strong sales team is another fundamental pillar in our company.  We have an extensive client portfolio thanks to the neat, constant and  detailed work of our vendors. We take care of maintaining excellent  relationships with our customers and visioning the constant  expansion.

Our clients’ profile

Competent, motivated and disciplined collaborators, convinced of the  importance of human capital in a company.

We use our market knowledge, distribution and marketing advantages for the benefit of our
customers and brands. For this we seek to have competent, motivated and disciplined  collaborators, convinced of the importance of human capital in a company.

Our fundamental pillar is the construction and maintenance of great relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, collaborators and partners through the confidence, security, optimism and responsibility that characterizes us.

A bit of our story

We’ve got more than twenty-five years in the field. Today we are proud to confine a  consolidated and experienced team, with great values and objectives set, and an important infrastructure already developed. 

We started working in 1996 with the dream to grow in service and quality. At that time, 25 years ago, Grupo Lexter involved only the founder of the company and his great ability to  create opportunities throughout the world, his intelligence to guide himself on a safe path,  and the hope that the fruits of his effort would manifest. Today we are proud to be a  consolidated and experienced team, with great values and objectives set, and an  important infrastructure already developed. And what is not little, despite having traveled  a long and hard road, the wish and vision to continue growing.